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Terentyev Vyacheslav Viktorovich, undergraduate student, Tula State University (300012, 92 Lenina avenue, Tula, Russia),

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Background. The article is devoted to the improvement of the transport accessibility of major cities. Intensive growth of vehicles has led to the reduction of traffic speed to 30–40 km/h, which affects the transport and environmental safety. Adjustable crossing in large cities are sources of increased costs and of such intersections during peak hours queues arise, which are accompanied by loss of time and frequent emergencies. With the aim of eliminating the above problems it is proposed to introduce into the process of controlling the movement of transport in large settlements of intelligent transport systems, the use of which will reduce the level of congestion of roads and increase their capacity to optimize the use of road transport and to increase the availability of services of the transport complex as a whole.
Materials and methods. In an urban environment to enable intelligent traffic control you must have full information about the distribution of traffic flows, especially at intersections, equipped with technical means of traffic management. To obtain the necessary information, can be used a set of ultrasonic measuring devices and universal countingstorage device that allows you to make measurements of the behavior of traffic flows with minimal use of human resources and small material investment. Perspective direction of application of intelligent transport systems is the ability to use global navigation satellite system for determining the location of vehicles in real time. Results and conclusions. The development of intelligent systems in road transport will significantly reduce operating costs for transporting freight and will reduce journey times through the implementation of adaptive control traffic lights at intersections.

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intelligent transport system, road transport, traffic safety, GLONASS

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